How i started

Mr. Trinh Ty was born in Vietnam in 1957. In 1979, he studied in the Netherlands, and by 1984, had opened his first retail fashion business there, trading as “Textile in Flevoland.” The next year, he graduated with a degree in business issued by Detex in Holland.¬†Shortly after, Mr. Trinh Ty had four “First Fashion” retail stores in Biddinghuizen, Dronten, Zeewolde, and Ermelo in the Netherlands and also had a showroom in the Dronten Industrial Park where he featured a variety of imported products available from Vietnam.

In 2001, Mr. Trinh Ty returned to Vietnam as a General Agent and established “Habufa” in Vietnam for Danny Van Bochs, Director of Habufa Meubelen, a wooden furniture business in Hapert in the Netherlands. Within five years, Habufa was very successful, shipping thousands of containers every year to Europe.
Mr. Trinh Ty discovered the readily available Mindy and Acacia woods in Vietnam that were soon in demand and very suitable for the furniture market in Europe.

Due to the rapid success of the furniture business, Mr. Trinh Ty returned to Vietnam permanently to further develop high quality products, outstanding service, and reasonable prices. Today, MR.TY FURNITURE FROM VIETNAM is very proud of our operations, excellent staff, new factories, and our ever-increasing line of products. As well the business is continuing to expand into markets in Europe, North America, and Australia.
MR.TY FURNITURE FROM VIETNAM, excellence in pricing, quality, and delivery must be offered simultaneously in order to see a continuing rapid growth for the business.

The Factory